OutDocumenter is not part of the Agile Platform, neither is it supported in any manner under the terms of your software agreement.
For the purpose of automatic documentation, OutSystems has made available the Documentation API as well as OutDoc, a public, open source component that you can use to access similar documentation capabilities as those in OutDocumenter, as well as extending it to your own documentation requirements.

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OutDoc provides a way to quickly generate an architectural view of your installation by creating eSpace or Solution documentation. It also provides details of each application such as processes, screens and actions.

How to Use OutDoc:
  • Publish OutDoc in your target environment
  • Access http://<your server>/OutDoc
  • Login with your sevice center credentials
  • OutDoc is ready to use with each component deployed on the server.
OutDoc is available for Agile Platform 5.1 and later versions.
If you need support for older versions, please request help.

If you have components built with the Agile Platform for Java and need documentation, please contact us.
Components built with versions lower than 6.0 of the Agile Platform are not supported at all.